Joyce de Gooijer

Joyce de Gooijer has been the director of Volunteer International Christian Service (VICS), Canada, since 2013. Joyce’s affiliation with VICS started when she served as a volunteer, along with her husband John, in 1988. Joyce’s perspectives on child sponsorship have been shaped by six years of volunteer experience in Kenya, Tanzania and Kiribati; 25 years […]

Emilce Peñón Esquivel

Emilce Peñón Esquivel has a degree in education from the University of Tolima, Colombia. For more than twenty years, Emilce has worked for a large non-governmental organization focused on supporting children without parental care and families at risk. She has held different positions throughout Colombia, and is presently the regional donor service coordinator for Latin […]

Development Expert, DE2

Development Expert, DE2 [anonymous participant] has a degree in international development and works as a public education and engagement coordinator for a Canadian NGO.

Development Expert, DE1

Development Expert, DE1 [anonymous participant] is a Canadian who has been involved in international cooperation and non-governmental organizations for more than thirty years, with an interest in critical analysis of society and social transformation, and having worked many years in South and Central America.

David Jefferess

David Jefferess is a settler-situated scholar who teaches at UBC Okanagan, in unceded Syilx territory. His research is focused on humanitarian discourse and how it relates to global citizenship. In the late 1990s, David lived and worked in Malawi for two years as a secondary school teacher. During this experience, he witnessed the work of […]

Carol Sherman

Carol Sherman, as one of the founders of Aid Watch Australia, has always been interested in social development and the impacts of multilateral and bilateral aid. At present, she is an independent consultant in humanitarian and international development. For more than 25 years, Carol has worked in international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) in different contexts, including […]

Amy Bosche

Amy Bosche has always been passionate about global issues and global inequality. Although she started her career as an inclusive education teacher, Amy has more than ten years working in NGOs specializing in community work, international development and education. Currently, Amy is the education coordinator at the Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation (SCIC).