University Academic, UA1

University Academic, UA1 [anonymous participant] is a professor at a university in the United States, with research focused on a critical examination of non-profit and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Simon Granovsky-Larsen

Simon Granovsky-Larsen is Associate Professor in the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Regina, and has served twice as a member of the Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation’s (SCIC’s) board of directors. His research focuses primarily on international development, social movements, and the impact of extractivist projects in Central America. His […]

Shannon Neufeldt

Shannon Neufeldt is the Member Relations and Network Coordinator at KAIROS Canada. Having grown up in a Mennonite Church, Shannon became familiar with child sponsorship from an early age, though she has never been involved as a sponsor. As part of her role with KAIROS, Shannon supports grassroots organizations in their own countries and with […]

Rachel Tallon

Rachel Tallon is interested in development studies and critical thinking in education, and currently works as a tutor in the Bachelor of Youth Development course in Weltec/ Whitireia, New Zealand. Rachel was a research assistant at Victoria University of Wellington from 2014-2017 and is now a co-director of Right Place Resources. Rachel has published widely […]

Peter Ove

Peter Ove is Professor at Camosun College in Victoria, BC. He has been teaching sociology for about ten years at Camosun and the University of Victoria. Previously, Peter was a high-school teacher in Denmark and an officer in UN-Habitat Brazil. His interest in international development and global poverty alleviation began in his early years. His […]

Nathan Dirks

Nathan Dirks is an Action Pastor at the South Ridge Community Church in the Niagara region of Ontario (Canada). Nathan supports social programs for marginalized and discriminated groups, seasonal migrants, and homeless people. His experience living and working in the Global South has impacted his perceptions of social justice and equity.

Maria Velasco

Maria Velasco is an Ecuadorian sociologist with a master’s degree in media studies and social development. Maria is currently the representative in the Latin American region for She has vast experience in the public sector working on child rights and eradication of child labour, as well as working in corporate social responsibility departments of […]

Luke Stocking

Luke Stocking has been involved in Catholic social non-governmental organizations and communities from a very young age. Currently, he is the Deputy Director of Public Awareness and Engagement at Development and Peace Caritas Canada (DPCC), an organization he has been involved in for more than fifteen years. He started working as an animator in Ontario […]

Lisa Taylor

Lisa Taylor is Professor in the School of Education at Bishop’s University (Canada). Her research focuses on equity and social justice pedagogical models to address social diversity emerging from colonization, globalization and transnational flows. Her experience supporting different social movements in other countries informs her pedagogical perspectives related to equity. In 2012, Lisa published a […]

Juan Mones

Juan Mones holds a degree in Communications and an MBA in Business and has almost 25 years of experience in fundraising. His journey started in Plan International and continued in other NGOs, mainly in South America. He currently leads the global fundraising innovation program at UNICEF headquarters in Geneva. Previously, Juan served as the Fundraising […]